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Hi there! I'm Keyl. Thank you for checking out my portfolio, and taking the time to know me.

I am a recent graduate from Chapman University, where I majored in 2D Animation and minored in Game Development and Programming.

I currently work at Breadwork Games as the Lead Character Artist. We're releasing an indie game called Bardic: Quest for Love in February 2024.

Everyone in this industry loves telling stories. I, personally, also love to tell stories. But more importantly, I like putting all my characters in a little terrarium and shaking them up and down until they cry. I like giving them parents you wish you had and parents that absolutely suck. I like shooting them with Cupid's arrow before ripping out their heart. I like dressing them up in funny little outfits and capes and dresses and bows. I like telling stories that my inner child wished to see on screen. I like telling stories that hurt, but also provide comfort that no matter what happens, every story has a happy ending. Even if its just a story, I write, I draw, I animate for the person who suffered so much to get me here today.

I tell stories the readers, the watchers, need to hear, and that's that no matter what silly, scary things that are thrown their way, they can overcome it. They can heal. They can have a happy ending.

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