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They'll be fine. 
Shade and Laz are about to jump into a volcano colony. Of their own volition.
The young adults, Iris and Jose, are staying behind...

Characters, story, and art are all my original creation!
Dreams of the Ocean

Directed by Alan Shi, written by Daniel Gusinski. A live action short film and a pyschological horror that didn't see the light of day.

"A young woman Delilah attempts to escape a magical cult that forces her to perform brutal rituals."

(Not all the scenes got boarded, so excuse the lack of continuity

TW: blood, body horror, self mutilation
Who Broke It?

A comedic animatic I did to celebrate the demo release of Bardic: Quest for Love. 

Characters are creations and property of Breadwork Games!

Audio is from Parks and Recreation.
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